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Our Firm has extensive experience handling numerous complex construction cases involving both public and private works. As Informal Settlement Negotiators, Consultants, Mediators, Post-Judgment Collectors & Appellants, and Complex Commercial Litigators, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts, administrative agencies, governmental tribunals, arbitration proceedings, and before Dispute Resolution Boards.

Our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • HOA Managers
  • Condo Associations
  • Utilities Contractors (Underground, Power, Telephone)
  • Manufacturers
  • Banks/Lenders
  • Homeowners
  • Air Conditioning
  • Design Professionals (engineers, architects, construction managers)
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Public/Private Property Owners
  • Payment and Performance Bond Sureties
  • Civil/Environmental Sitework

What Distinguishes Our Firm?

Achieving the highest level of recognition in engineering and construction law, our firm is uniquely well-qualified to handle the comprehensive legal, technical, engineering, design, constructability and scheduling issues inherently involved in construction law cases. Since most Board Certified Construction attorneys do not have construction degrees or actual jobsite experience, many hire construction experts (at a premium cost to their clients) to educate themselves about the complexities of their construction cases. As dually qualified construction professionals specializing in construction law, we understand what confounds less qualified Board Certified Construction Attorneys.

Proceed with Caution signAccording to the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, Florida ranks among the Top Ten most litigious states. That’s one of the reasons there are so many more attorneys here than in other states.

Don’t wait until you have a problem to contact an attorney! Prevent disputes by implementing our proven dispute avoidance strategies. We are eager to share simple, proactive, preventative measures you should take before entering any business relationship.


Homeowners Considering Remodeling

The economic downturn of 2006 resulted in a mass exodus of many rogue contractors. But as Florida’s market is continuing to rebound, so are those swindlers. You may have done all your “homework” when it comes to evaluating and choosing just the right contractor for your home improvement project(s), but if haven’t consulted an attorney to:

  • Review your contract to ensure it includes all the necessary legal provisions to protect YOUR interests
  • Verify proper licensing of general contractor based on proposed scope of work
  • Insist that your contractor put up a Performance Bond
  • Hire a Clerk-of-the-Works to oversee the prompt and proper completion of each and every stage of your project

…then you are at risk for becoming one of those victims of fraud!

The best way to avoid paying for incomplete or unacceptable work is to consult an attorney before hiring a contractor and especially before signing any contract. Take the necessary legal precautions to avoid paying the high price of pursuing justice.


General Contractors/ Subcontractors

We are your 1st line of defense against lawsuits! An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Investing just a little time to protect your legal interests could very well save you a lot of money. We specialize in redrafting your standard contract forms to protect your interests.