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Heitman Law Firm is founded upon these three principles:

High Quality Legal Representation

By quality, we mean degree of excellence.  Heitman Law Firm specializes in construction law.  Our Principal Attorney, Gilmer Mike Heitman, is one of the elite few duly licensed as both a Professional Engineer and Board Certified Construction Attorney, achieving the highest level of recognition in engineering and construction law, respectively.  Our Associate Attorney, Vincent Griffith, holds a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction and valuable professional experience working as construction Project Manager.  Both Mr. Heitman and Mr. Griffith possess years of actual jobsite experience that other construction experts simply do not have.  Click here for photos from their archives of construction projects.  As such, our firm is uniquely well qualified to render its clients high quality legal representation.

Client Service

Heitman Law Firm serves its clients by first comprehending the specific issues our clients face and then tailoring our representation to those specific needs.  Construction law cases often involve legal, technical, engineering, design, constructability and scheduling issues.  We speak the language of construction. We understand your business. We know how to read a set of plans.  Our client service is based on the idea that the client should not be required to pay to bring us up to speed on the construction issues. Instead, we make it our business to be ahead of the learning curve.


Heitman Law Firm strives to serve its clients efficiently. Since most Board Certified Construction attorneys do not have degrees in construction or actual jobsite experience, they hire professional engineers at a premium cost to their clients to educate them about the complexities of their construction cases.  Heitman Law Firm does not burden their clients with this additional expense.  Since our attorneys have degrees in Civil Engineering, Building Construction as well as many years of experience managing projects as a Professional Engineer and Project Manager, they inherently possess the construction knowledge necessary to handle sophisticated construction cases.  Heitman Law Firm is dedicated to economically protecting the rights and integrity of our fellow construction professionals.  Non-core functions that can be contracted out are contracted out and the resulting savings are passed along to our clients.  We understand that our clients are in business to make a profit.  We draft contracts to minimize our clients exposure to risk and efficiently resolve construction disputes so that our clients can focus on what they love doing, whether it is pouring concrete, laying out foundations or designing projects.